What is Digital Print?

Thursday 1st August 2013

Printing is now seen as necessary expenditure for any business wishing to make a good impression. Both unique design and print quality are deemed ‘tell-tale signs’ of what a company can offer – most potential customers would be put off by a badly printed poster!

digital printing kent

Whether it is an information leaflet, promotional voucher or product brochure, customers do not want to see poorly etched writing or a blurred pictures on any print material - ‘printing lines’ are a definite no-go for quality! From the tried and tested methods to the more technologically advanced printing to choose from, it can be difficult when deciding which service is the best for your business needs.

Why Digital Printing?

Digital printing can offer a fast and cost effective way to produce good quality print material for any business need including brochures, direct mail and even personalised stationary. Using lasers or inkjets, digital printing offers direct printing onto a variety of materials with only the need for a digital image to print from. Conversely, offset printing also requires the production of individual printing plates which increases the set up costs of a print run and also the turnaround time as this printing process is generally used for larger print requirements.

What are the benefits?

With time savings also comes money savings. Less labour is needed to produce digital prints and can simply be done at a push of a button. In comparison, offset printing also requires maintenance of the printing plates which involves more man power – equating to a higher cost. Therefore, digital print is perfect for your short run printing requirements from 1 copy through to the early thousands (depending on what is being printed) at which point, offset litho print production begins to become more cost effective where the initial higher set up costs spread across the higher quantities, making the unit cost lower compared to digital print production. 

digital printing kentOffset printing can offer commercial size print runs and, because of the printing plates, a sharp print. It is also the cheaper option per page when printing higher quantities. However, the speed and quality of digital printing increases its overall service value. Although offset printing has long since been used as a quality printing method for materials such as newspapers and magazines; businesses require – more so than ever – a quick, reliable, quality, consistent and competitive service to remain competitive.

Quick service, Large volume printing

In short, with the ever increasing demand for a quick service and bearing in mind a tight budget, the advantages and simplicity of digital printing can offer a great solution for smaller print runs and, with advances in technology, there is now scope to run larger size productions in the future.

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