Short Run Book Printing in Kent

Thursday 1st June 2017

What is short run book printing?

Short run book printing and print on demand are two interchangeable terms used to describe low volumes of book printing. Short run book printing is a cost-effective method which allows authors or organisations to print books or any other printable in small quantities.

Developments in digital printing have allowed short run book printing to take place. In contrast to traditional printing, digital printing requires minimal set-up costs. This means no upfront expenses for plate creation and no time wasted for setting up the equipment.


Why choose short run book printing?

short run book printing comes with many advantages over traditional or long run book printing.

Though traditional printing is more cost effective for larger quantities; that is generally the production of over 1,000 pieces, the perks associated with short run book printing will win you over.

Firstly, your investment in short run book printing will be smaller and hence less of your money will be tied up. With that being said, your turnover will be faster due to the smaller number of units.

Secondly, short run book printing is less risky. It gives you the flexibility to modify the content and design of your printable, relatively quickly, to continuously test your marketing approach.

Lastly, you can save lots of storage space and minimise your chances of having dead stock. By printing your books in small increments, you are less likely to have outdated books on your shelves. This also means your handling costs will be minimised.


Why Orbital Print?

Now that you’re convinced about short run book printing, Orbital Print offers a range of services designed to cater for your project.

Our services are ideal for self-publishers and low volume print runs ranging from leaflet printing up to book and catalogue printing.

We pride ourselves with the quality of our products and offer different paper types, finishing options, and delivery options. After all, we are one of the largest book printing facilities in Kent!

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, contact us today. 

Published by: Orbital Print Ltd

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