Why Short Run Printing?

Short run printing allows low cost printing in small batches. The popularity of Short run printing has increased with the development of digital printing technology.

The savings when using digital printing are primarily down to the fact that no printing plates are used. This is the main difference between digital printing and more traditional methods of printing (that included lithography and letter press).

Digital printing also allows you to quickly update content such as text and images, without incurring huge costs to produce new printing plates.

Short-run Printing and Printing on Demand

Printing on Demand is by its very nature short-run printing. On demand printing is usually used for personalised printing – such as children’s books that are customised with a child’s name – or where individual pages have pictures and text that have been chosen for the child. Usually christening or birthday books – or books designed to help a child if a parent is away for long periods of time. 

Whether you are looking to produce, leaflets, training manuals, books, posters, letterheads, postcards or fliers Orbital Print can provide you with a cost efficient solutions, reducing your overheads and increasing your profit margin. 

Whatever the size and nature of your printing project, short-run printing could be for you!

For more information about short run printing or to discuss your requirements, call Oliver Kleinman on 01233 211200 or fill out our contact form.

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